Save Money. Reduce Stress.

At PDT, service is the heart of what we do. It's the most important value we bring to our relationship with you. Your busy schedule means you need fast answers and faster solutions to meet your customers' needs. Our commitment, as your partner, is to use our resources, knowledge and determined attitude to do whatever it takes so that you get jobs done as soon as possible. We want to partner with you to achieve your goals. We offer these time-saving, problem-solving, cost-reducing services.

Monitoring and Managing Your Die Inventory

PDT - Your Information Partner

Keeping track of dies on hand so that you're always ready for your customers' regular or unexpected needs is a challenge that takes away valuable production time. PDT has developed a program that can handle this important task so that you will have the right dies at the right time.

Inventory Management Software

PDT - Your Data Control Partner

PDT uses modern die management software to easily access powerful information. With this program, PDT can maintain information on your current die inventory and an accurate history of your costs and usage. This knowledge gives you control over your die room. Using our Inventory Management System, PDT will examine your die use history monitor trends, and forecast demands to set up a customized system that tracks the dies you should have on hand. By partnering with PDT, you can be confident about meeting production requirements without the pressure and strain of last minute rush jobs. We will continuously review your usage so that your die inventory meets your changing demands.

PDT's Inventory Management System, used in facilities of all sizes, shows that our customers reduce their inventory by 15 to 20%, experience a cost savings of 10% or more, and reduce headaches by and untold margin. We can show you how this valuable planning tool will streamline your production capacity.

Die Lease Program

PDT - Your Cost Savings Partner

Special jobs, sample runs or test applications sometimes require dies you'll only need for short term use. With PDT's Die Lease Program, you have the option of leasing individual dies, sets for multiwire machines, or even leasing all of the dies for the entire facility without actually purchasing them! PDT's leasing program eliminates the daunting upfront cost of new dies. It essentially works just like leasing a new or used car. Please contact us to learn more about PDT's Die Leasing Program.

Recutting / Reconditioning

PDT - Your Resourceful Partner

Extend the use of your natural diamond, monocrystalline, and polycrystalline dies.

PDT takes your dies and refurbishes them to your precise specifications. We use the same critically demanding processes as we do with new dies. We also polish hold-size dies to increase die life.

Purchasing of Broken Unusable Dies

PDT - Your Data Control Partner

PDT can purchase broken dies and extract the diamond for selling to the tool making industry.