Wire Drawing Dies

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Specialty Products


Performance proven for the cable market.

  • Cost efficient
  • Wear resistant
  • Sizes: .005 - 1.25 in. (.127 - 31.75 mm.)

For magnet and enamel wire industries.

  • Cost efficient
  • Maximum life
  • Consistent
  • Sized to your request

For telecommunication, phone & electronic cable markets.

  • Custom engineered or standard
  • 100% concentricity verified
  • Sized to your request
  • Made in carbide or PCD
  • Die cut in half and held together so you never have to cut the cable
  • Great for the cabling industries

Custom design to meet customer needs.

  • Applying any abrasive coating or polymer requiring a tight tolerance
  • Specifications to customers request
  • Made in PCD or carbide

Designed to customer specification.

  • Remove all impurities on the outer surface of any rod or wire
  • Plug Dies
  • Sink Dies
  • Copper Tubing Dies
  • Reduce the size and thickness of the wall in a tube

Custom-made dies to customer specifications.

  • Shapes the end of the wire to a small size or shape
  • Helps fix ovality problems with rod or wire
  • Hardened steel made to customer specification
  • Carbide inserts available per customer request

Custom-made dies to customer specifications.

  • Custom-made dies to customer specifications
  • Shapes and specifications based on customer’s request
  • Hex, Square, Rectangle, and more
  • Available in both carbide and PCD